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As a Certified Integrative Nutritionist and International Health Coach, Karina Heinrich is dedicated to empowering women and men to be the very best version of themselves - strong, whole and healthy. She is a passionate about the mind-body relationship and believes that what you put into your body affects every other aspect of your life. She helps hold her clients accountable to reach their wellness goals efficiently and then build sustainable lasting habits to sustain their transformations.

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Karina is the founder of The Karina Method (TKM) to achieve optimal wellness through effective weight loss & stronger digestion. The Karina Method includes a TKM Rulebook and six proven TKM 1-on-1 Plans focused on:

*“HIGH LOW LEAN NO” Nutrition: HIGH water, fiber & clean carbs. LOW fat. LEAN proteins. NO salt or sugar.

*A ”TOUGH LOVE” Approach: HIGH accountability. NO excuses.

*Finally getting the body you deserve with guided focus, determination and self-control by putting yourself first.

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Karina’s professional qualifications include certifications and degrees from:

*The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

*Columbia University Teachers College

*The University of Nevada for Psychology with an emphasis on Pre-Med

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Karina shares her health education on a nationwide scale as the Contributing Nutritionist on the very popular Pear App that was co-founded by celebrity couple Bill and Giuliana Rancic. She creates original weekly articles and videos on the latest health trends for Pear, as well as for her website under her Haute Blog, Haute Nibbles and Haute Talks. In Fall 2018, Karina announced her international partnership with Singapore’s largest supermarket chain, NTUC Fairprice, as content provider to promote health and wellness.

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Karina’s love of real, whole foods stems from her Lebanese background/heritage and growing up in West and North Africa, as well as Central and South America. Her family cooked everything from scratch with pure and wholesome ingredients. Her love of being active is fulfilled by her daily morning runs around Chicago and yoga practice... And keeping up with her sports-loving family: her three beautiful children (ages 8, 6 and 4) and her wonderful husband of 16 years.