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HAUTE TALK SERIES 1: How To Dine Out & Diet with CELEB GUEST Giuliana Rancic

PART 1 of 3: Good friends Karina Heinrich and Giuliana Rancic have an inspiring sit down to chat about a client question that comes up all the time for Karina as a Certified Integrative Nutritionist: "Can I dine out at a restaurant and still keep to my diet???" Giuliana asks how to order when it comes to pasta, salad, dessert & more.

PART 2 of 3: Karina Heinrich & Giuliana Rancic continue their helpful conversation about healthy eating when dining out. Giuliana shares about growing up in Naples and her love of fresh ingredients in Italian food. Karina agrees that real, non-processed food can be enjoyed in moderation, even if it's pasta!

PART 3 OF 3: Karina Heinrich & Giuliana Rancic complete their sit down about dining out & dieting on the topic of drinks & dessert. Giuliana shares her love of sparkling wine with her new Giuliana Prosecco, which Karina says is a great low-calorie choice to enjoy on a dining out occasion. Cheers to that!