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Whether it’s New Year’s Eve, a party, a celebration, a dinner out or a quiet evening in…drinking alcohol may be on the menu and many worry that a few drinks will completely derail a healthy diet. It’s true that most popular cocktails are loaded with carbs, sugar and crazy amounts of calories. If you’re not careful, you can consume between 300 – 500 empty drink calories in just 5oz of your favorite margarita or martini. That adds up quickly and you could easily surpass your total daily calories in only your drinks. you could surpass the total calories you should be getting in an entire day with your drinks alone.

For your reference: pure alcohol contains around 7 calories per gram. Carbs and protein each contain 4 calories per gram. Fat contains 9 calories per gram. Alcohol is almost twice as fattening as carbs or protein and only a little less fattening than fat. Alcohol calories count!

Don’t libation-fret just yet! Below are tips and tricks to help you navigate a night that includes a few drinks plus a list of festive alcoholic cocktails and drinks that are lowest in calories and carbs and still high in flavor.

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1. Skinny Gin & Tonic: Around 150 calories and less than 1 gram of carbs makes this is a good choice for a light drink. Mix one jigger of gin with soda water, add a squeeze of lime, and serve over ice.

2. Tequila with Ginger Kombucha: Opt for pure agave tequila since it has around 70 calories per ounce, no carbs and is very low in sugar. Say no to soda or margarita mix added in. Fill a small rocks glass with ice, add 2 oz pure tequila, 3 oz of ginger kombucha, 1 oz triple sec, and squeeze ¼ lime. Stir and served chilled.

3. Sparkling Wine with Pomegranate Seeds: Low in calories and high in nutrients – this is a fun drink option:. Place 1 tablespoon pomegranate arils in a glass and cover with 4oz sparkling wine or Champagne.

4. Green Tea Martini: This drink is refreshing, high in green tea nutrients, low calories and is a fun twist on a martini classic. In a martini shaker, combine equal parts gin and equal parts brewed and chilled green tea. Add in the juice from 1 lime and 1 tablespoon agave nectar. Shake. Shake. Shake. Strain into the martini glass. Yum!


There’s no magic food that can prevent a hangover the next morning, but eating smartly before you drink alcohol can help you feel more in control while drinking and help you recover more quickly.Make sure to eat foods that agree with your belly. Now is not the time to try that raw meat concoction. Alcohol is already doing a number on your stomach so you want to make sure you eat a meal complete with lean protein, starches and veggies.

Drink lots of water before, during and after your evening out. A good rule is to try to drink a full glass of water between each alcoholic beverage. And if you’re feeling like the alcohol is hitting you too quickly, have a snack to make sure you have food in your belly. Pace yourself.

Snacks To Eat While Drinking Alcohol:

  • Banana

  • Whole Wheat Crackers

  • Whole Wheat Toast

  • Brown Rice

  • Grilled Chicken or Turkey Sandwich

  • Oatmeal

  • Whole Grain Cereals with Almond Milk

  • Popcorn (no butter)


Before you leave, plan ahead and have your night table stashed with what you will need to wake up feeling somewhat human. Alcohol can impair your sleep even if you drink very little.

Bedside Station Must-Haves:

  • Make plans for someone to help with your children so that you can get extra sleep.

  • Put a full liter of water next to your bedside. Drink some before you go to bed and lots when you wake up to help relieve a potential headache.

  • Make sure you have the ingredients for a morning omelet: Eggs and asparagus and other awesome veggies you love!  A healthy breakfast can help you avoid some hangover symptoms and also help restore your blood sugar levels.

  • Consider leaving a few supplements to take in the morning that have been shown to reduce headaches and nausea: ginger, prickly pear and red ginseng.

Be smart! Have fun! And cheers to moderation!

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