I signed up for the 5-day Athlete program with Karina. Overall, the experience was great. She was always talking with me about my meals and what I was going to eat that day. I have a very busy work schedule. If I had to get something on the fly, she requested I send her the menu to help me decide what to order. Karina’s commitment to your success shows every day throughout the entire day. She is a great coach for anyone looking to better their eating habits.
— Chicago Male Athlete
It’s as simple as saying- Karina’s Method works! What she has created is not a diet or cleanse- it’s a way of life. She takes you on this journey (catered specifically to you) and teaches you how to incorporate healthy choices and portions into your daily life. Karina encourages you, guides you, and gives you the tools to go on your own so you can be the best version of you. I love her and everything about this program. It’s the best method out there.
— C.
I highly recommend following the TKM Method. Karina has taught me how to be more mindful about eating. I am drinking more water and making healthier choices and listening to my body. I have never felt better. My mind is clearer, my memory is better, and I’m more focused because of the foods I’m putting into my body. Goodbye salt and sugar!
— K.
You truly are patient, caring, knowledgeable and understanding of the emotional and physical process of losing weight. You helped ‘reset’ my metabolism and instructed me to make healthy decisions. It was totally worth it!
— B.
Anyone can tell you to eat clean, but the hard part is sticking with it…somehow Karina keeps you motivated and on track! I lost 10 pounds in less than 2 weeks.
— N.
Karina helped with the mental battle of not wanting to give up things I knew were unhealthy for me. In as little as 5 days, I was able to change major habits and open my eyes up to just how much food I was eating and how even just a few unhealthy items added into my diet made me feel like shit. It was the jumpstart I needed to not only go down in weight, but overall body fat.
— Chicago Male Athlete
I now weigh less, am mindful of my choices, without feeling like I am missing out, feel great and have the tools to carry through for me now and into the future to maintain my ideal weight and feel great about myself!
— S.
I already had a pretty solid knowledge of how to eat healthy and how my body responds to weight loss but I really needed the jumpstart after a summer of travel, dinners out and really just letting go of my healthy eating. Karina’s push was just what I needed to get motivated, have accountability and stick to my goals. She was on me every day and knowing she was guiding me through my food decisions, not only jumpstarted my weight loss, but helped me lose more weight that I initially thought my body could. I feel light, energetic and where my body feels healthiest.
— P.
Karina’s 2 week nutrition plan was the light switch I needed to expose my bad eating habits so that I could completely reboot my system. For a good portion of my life ginger ale was the liquid crutch I desperately hung on to as a substitute for H2O, and junk food was not only a convenience, but a comfort. It was with Karina’s guidance and support that I was able to become aware and mindful of the poor choices I was making. Today, I consciously chug water. I may not always have a clean choice of diet, but I have found a balance that works for me and I am grateful for all of Karina’s insight!
— S.
I am so much more mindful about my choices. This is exclusively from working with Karina. From a client standpoint: Since day one, she’s in it to support me. She’s always there and always ready to help. I really appreciate it. It’s not about a paycheck - she’s fully invested in my success and I can feel that. She makes me feel like I’m her only client.
— Male Client
Thank you for all you do! You are helping many while changing their lives for the better!
— A.
Karina pushed me to lose the weight I needed in order to feel light, healthy, energetic and happy in my clothing. What amazed me the most, was how satisfied I felt on so much less food. She worked with me on meal ideas, ordering out, on the go. She encouraged in such a positive way but also very good at keeping me in check if I veered off the path. I loved working with her every step of the way!
— A.
I could write a novel gushing over Karina. I love everything about this program. Wish I could have her every day of the year. I feel SO much better. Used to feel bloated constantly after eating and just assumed that was my body. But now I feel feel flat and light. I love her 14-day program! Feel great in my clothing. Skin feels better. So happy and motivated.
— S.
I am amazed how much change can happen in just 5 days. Not only did I reach my goal weight but what really wowed me was that my body fat percentages dropped, too. Karina pushed me to get rid of the foods that were not making me feel my strongest. She works alongside you to create a lifestyle rather than just a weight loss diet. She taught me how to best order from my favorite restaurants, which has made a world of difference. Amazing 5 days of accountability that I needed.
I don’t know where to begin!... Karina is the just the best! Her patience, knowledge and support guided me lose 7 pounds in 21 days. I now know what I need to do...smaller portions, no meal skipping, avoid salt, sugar and white flour and drink water water water! I already miss her texts supporting me and encouraging me. Even when I went off the wagon, she put me right back on track. I love her recipes and so does the rest of my family! Even though, I think Karina has given me tools to make healthier choices, want to make Karina part of my wellness and fitness routine and plan to do another 5 days next month. I feel that I look better and feel better! It’s crazy that these last 21 days have really put me on a much healthier trajectory. And as an added bonus, Karina is so beautiful and fit and her videos are so sassy! Anyone would be lucky to meet Karina and benefit from The Karina Method! Xoxo
— S.