Starting strong in the morning helps set the pace for your entire day. Even if you’re a busy mom like me, making a few small changes to your morning routine can help you lose weight, keep it off, and feel great all day long.  

Try adding these 5 simple morning habits into your AM regimen to aid your weight loss efforts.        

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Stop pressing that snooze button. Beep! Beep! Beep! No matter how many times your kids woke you up the night before, get that body out of bed when your alarm clock first buzzes. It’s highly unlikely you’re going to be getting great restorative sleep in the 5 minutes between each snooze alarm anyway. Seize the day. Plus, early mornings are a wonderful way to get some much needed “me” time in before the rest of the house wakes.

Going to bed a bit earlier to squeeze in some extra sleep may help increase weight loss. Sleep deprivation may be associated with an increased appetite, especially for high-carb and high-calorie foods.

When my alarm goes off, I don’t even hesitate. Hop out of bed and get to it. My kids will be up before I know it.


Stepping on the scale and weighing yourself each morning can be a great way to increase motivation and self-control. Studies show that weighing daily may be associated with positive weight loss efforts and support healthy habits and behaviors.

Make sure to weigh yourself right when you wake up – after using the bathroom and definitely before you eat or drink anything.

It’s important to remember that your weight can fluctuate each day for a variety of factors. So make sure to monitor for overall weight loss trends, instead of becoming focused on tiny day-to-day changes.


Starting your morning with 1-2 glasses of water is an easy way to boost weight loss. I’m a “no excuses” kind of girl so I make sure to fill up a large reusable container of water nightly and keep it in my bathroom. I weigh myself and then chug it down to feel more awake. It’s right there as a reminder every day.

Starting your morning with water and making sure to stay well hydrated all day is a smart way to boost your health with little effort. Increasing your water intake has been linked with an increase in weight loss since it helps decrease your appetite.

Make sure to drink 34–68 ounces (4-8 cups) of water per day to help aid your weight loss efforts. Cheers to that!


If I’m really lucky and all three of my kids are still fast asleep, I do my best to sneak in a morning workout. Once my day gets started, it’s harder to get a workout and shower in, so I like to check this off my list first thing.

A little goes a long way in supporting my healthy lifestyle. Exercise revs my heart, keeps my weight in check and is my Zen, especially an awesome run. Whether you get in a jog, cycle session, weights or simply 3 sets of jumping jacks in your bedroom – it all counts.

Getting in some physical activity first thing in the morning can help boost your weight loss efforts. Some studies actual show that working out in the morning is associated with higher levels of satiety and can help keep your blood sugar levels steady all day which is a plus if you are trying to lose weight.  

So get up and move that strong body of yours!


What you choose to eat for breakfast can alter your entire day. I’m a breakfast girl and encourage my kids to sit and actually be present to what they’re putting into their bodies. Often what they see Mom eat is exactly what they want to eat, so I need to make sure I’m making healthy and smart choices – but also speedy since we’re always in a rush.

A strong breakfast choice can determine if you’ll feel full until lunch or craving unnecessary snacks. Studies show that a high-protein breakfast may aid weight loss by reducing cravings and your appetite, which helps in weight loss. Protein also keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

A Few Easy Great Options:

  • Eggs make a great, high-protein breakfast. (Egg whites are almost pure protein)

  • Shakes: 1-2 scoops of protein powder, frozen berries, water (be careful what you add in – calories can get out of control when you’re adding lots of coconut water, tons of fruits, almond milk)

  • Plain Greek Yogurt: Add in seeds and berries

  • Oats: Add in berries and seeds, especially pumpkin seeds for their high protein content (My kids’ favorite)

Ultimately, do the best you can each morning. Establishing a positive and energetic morning routine is the first step in creating the healthy lifestyle you crave and deserve. While I always aspire to hop out of bed even earlier, make time for meditation, set daily intentions, get an extra mile in, catch up on emails, put eyeliner on - all before my three cutie pies wake up - I make the best with the time I have and aim to do better tomorrow.

Karina Heinrich