THE 5-DAY KARINA METHOD: Re-boost Recharge

THE 5-DAY KARINA METHOD: Re-boost Recharge


This Karina Method Plan is intense. This is ideal if you really want to re-boost your body and give it a good kick in the A**! Reset your metabolism, tweak your diet, give your digestive system a break and make speedy but lasting changes. Lose at least 5 unneeded pounds, give your body’s digestive system a break from all of the crap you’ve been filling it with and overall get the spark to keep this wellness high going long-term.

This plan includes: 

  • An intro call with Karina: I cover your detailed health history, current lifestyle, goals, timeline and determine the best plan to reach your goals (30-60 mins)

  • A customized plan with step-by-step guidance to follow The Karina Method

  • Daily one-on-one texting with Karina: Guidance, accountability, education and action

  • Hand-holding for every meal, even restaurant ordering guidance

  • Exercise recommendations