THE 14-DAY KARINA METHOD: Lose the Junk Plan

THE 14-DAY KARINA METHOD: Lose the Junk Plan


This 14-Day Karina Method Plan is ideal if you have tried and tried to get rid of those stubborn last 5-10 pounds that just won’t budge. You’re the expert yo-yo dieter and have tried all of the tricks and fads. You know how to eat right but you need that accountability, guidance and hand holding to really make that strong push. You may eat healthy already, or want to learn how to make simple healthy changes that go a long way! It’s time to stop with the excuses and the “I’ll start tomorrow!” and just rip the bandaid off and go for it. It’s two weeks of YOU time to get the body and overall awesome health that you want and deserve!

This plan includes: 

  • An intro call with Karina: I cover your detailed health history, current lifestyle, goals, timeline and determine the best plan to reach your goals (30-60 mins)

  • A customized plan with step-by-step guidance to follow The Karina Method

  • Daily one-on-one texting with Karina: Guidance, accountability, education and action

  • Hand-holding for every meal, even restaurant ordering guidance

  • Exercise recommendations


  • An exit call with future action steps (30-60 mins based on your plan)

  • This plan also includes 1 additional 30 min call to go over progress during the 14 days